About Us

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"We Don't Work, We Display!"

Our Story

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to generate traffic in your convenience stores? We have what you need! With new products coming in weekly, we strive to have the most popular items on the market. 

East Texas Sales and Service has been serving a variety of communities since 1980 when we first began our business journey. We started as family owned and are still continuing that image with multiple family members employed. With that, we continue to strive to keep that family touch in our service by getting to know and taking care of our customers and building relationships, personally showing up to the stores, being professional and friendly and much more.

We are based in East Texas but are now all over the state of Texas and in multiple other states including Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and are still continuing to expand. We have a wide range of convenience stores that we service and are at approximately 1000+ stores and are still continuously growing. 

Here at ETSS, we work with you to better understand your customers’ wants and needs so that we can provide the best items available for your specific stores. From pre-designed product displays ranging in a wide variety of themes, to a customized display including only the items you wish to present; we’re sure to provide your store with the tools it needs to produce a happy customer!

When you choose ETSS, there will not be any shipments coming in, unloading or unnecessary organizing. We have a team of representatives that will come to your store regularly to stock the displays and present new items for you to consider! Since our very first day in 1980, customer service has always been at the top of our list and we are dedicated to keeping our customers satisfied with top quality products and fast, friendly service.

We continuously add new products and information to our website, so please feel free to contact us regarding any items you do not see listed.

The Conner Family!

Owners. Workers. Family.

East Texas Sales & Service was created by a Conner back in 1980. It was passed to his children when they grew up and joined the company. And we're proud to say that it will continue on down the family line as time goes on!